Beautiful apartment in Barcelona

June 29, 2015
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1-bright ethnic interior

Bright, spacious and stylish apartment, which is located in the heart of Barcelona. The interior of the house is decorated in warm shades of ethnic style. The inside is bright involves many details that create comfort in the interior.

2-Beautiful detail in ethnic interior

The living room was created from an old long corridor with a large field. The interior of the room sets spacious windows that illuminate the room, daylight and make the room bright and cheerful. The living room is divided into several functional areas: dining room, lounge, kitchen table.

3-Stained Glass in the interior

The dining area is situated in a little box. Stained glass window with frosted glass look very impressive. The furniture, light natural color looks very bright for the black metal legs. Above the desk lamps are beautiful dark color that illuminates the dining arena.

4-Beautiful kitchen interior with silver facade

A small, compact kitchen with a bright metallic facade looks impressive with a black matte kitchen. Instead of cabinets used open shelves, along which the spices, cereals. Along the shelves are beautiful pots of brilliant and vibrant plants that make the interior a clean feel. Bathroom looks nice and original, neat furrows in the interior look very fashionable and easy. Bathroom cabinet is adorned with natural wood, close to the beautiful bathroom cupboard is rectangular.

5-The original master bedroom in white color

The bedroom is adorned in white and complemented by beautiful sand-colored pillows in stripes. Head of the bed is decorated with a beautiful shelf. Next to the bed are comfortable bedside tables, which can light up a place to exercise, or reading books.

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