Stylish Modern Scandinavian Apartment

June 26, 2015
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1-Bright interior room with vivid detail

The beautiful interior of the apartment is adorned in vivid colors. The flat has a diminished area of only 53 square meters. White interior color complemented by vivid detail, bright colors. This flat is designed for young women. The interior of the original layout, bedroom combined with the kitchen, which is separated by glass partitions.

2-Bright workstation with black accessories

The living room into various functional areas: a dining area is settled near the window, where the comfortable oval table in white, which is adorned with bright pink peonies. Opposite the couch is a white chest of drawers with a TV.

3-Two white table in the interior of a living room

Near the living room is a comfortable workplace, which are situated next to the shelves for books, magazines and accessories. Workplace decorated with beautiful photos and paintings in beige frame. The tables are adorned with new blooms, plants in lots.

4-Bright interior of a bedroom wall with flowers

The chamber is really modest, but pragmatic and convenient. Bright wallpaper over the headboard looks very bright and beautiful. Plaid bedroom white looks really intimate and cute. Bedside tables are clean, which can be expanded book, candlesticks and other supplements.

5-White kitchen interior is combined with bedroom

The kitchen has a white façade and practiced, metal objects look good in the kitchen. From the kitchen is visible to a beautiful bedroom and the window, which is adorned with colorful lights. Above the layer is a beautiful chandelier on a wire in the form of large lamps.

7-long corridor with beautiful mirrors

In the hall is narrow cabinet for shoes from IKEA. Near the entrance is a beautiful mirror in a wooden frame, which is located on the wall.

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