Luxury House in Santa Barbara

June 26, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room in a nautical theme

The beautiful mansion is situated along the beach in Santa Barbara. The interior used beautiful colors of white, combined with shades of blue. The inside of the home is dressed in the dash of glamor. The living room is comfortable and spacious. The inside of the house uses many natural materials. In the middle of the living room is a comfy sofa with colorful cushions, table made of transparent plastic. Complement the interior of the living room: a beautiful fireplace, fluffy ottoman, and an abundance of live plants which imparts a clean interior.

2-Bright and beautiful mirror in the interior of the apartment

The living room is a beautiful mirror with a beautiful figure. Approach the mirror is a beautiful table on which are located the lamp. The kitchen is decked in vivid colors that meld easily with natural rock. At the heart of the kitchen is a kitchen island. Above the kitchen island are beautiful lamps that illuminate the study area with tender illumination.

3-Bright and beautiful vases in the interior

Glamorous interiors complement the graphic details that constitute the interior a glamorous event. The interior of the apartments are located in a marine style accessory: beautiful vase blue starfish, which are located on the walls. Crystal chandeliers complement the interior and dissipate nice and cozy light.

5-Beautiful children's room with bright accessories

The interior of the house there are two children’s bedrooms. Sleeping rooms for girls decorated in pink with a bunk bed. Sleeping accommodation for boys decorated in shades of blue with white. Interior bedroom for adults are dressed in white with dark blue hues. Mirror objects in the interior give the interior a glamorous style.

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