June 25, 2015
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1-Luxury Living in shades of purple

The opulent and glamorous house looks like a modern apartment house is situated in the mountains, snow-covered chalet. Design house is decked in a contemporary manner, all the accessories thoroughly thought through. The internal furniture is cast by bright textiles. The inside is adorned with bright upholstery fabric in cool dark glasses.

2-Beautiful carpet in black and white

In the living room interior is dressed in shades of beige, violet with bright furniture textiles. Near the living room is a comfy saloon, which is cleared by the original illumination. The recreation area is a beautiful glass table with the original legs, this table looks like in weightlessness.

3-The original chandelier

The dining table has a circular shape, which is sited along a beautiful crystal chandelier that illuminates the bright dining area. The dining area is dressed in shades of beige.

4-Bright bedroom in shades of beige

Interior bedroom is adorned in shades of beige, adorned with a beautiful bed with wooden headboard. Blue linen gives the interior a beautiful way. The bedroom is adorned with beautiful wallpaper with the image of the books are located along the ledges.

5-The second bedroom in the beautiful brown

Guest bedroom is adorned in shades of beige, at the head of the bed is a convenient shelf for books, magazines and accessories. Area with shelves illuminated with beautiful illuminations.

6-Bright bathroom bedroom with bright tiles

The toilet is decorated using mosaic tile in black and ashen. The plate is adorned in a beautiful table. White sink looks wonderful on a beautiful silver leg. The second bath is adorned with bright white hot tub.

7-Bright holiday destination with blue stripes

House with comfortable seating is decorated in dark colors with vivid details: bright pillows with beautiful stripes.

8-Bright house in the snow

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