Comfortable Scandinavian Style

June 24, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room with Scandinavian design

Beautiful and original house are decorated in a Scandinavian style. In each room inside is dressed in shades of white. Living room with a brilliant and beautiful lighting. At the middle of the room is a beautiful glass table from Ikea, which are sited. Furniture in the interior of a living room in white, which is adorned with colorful cushions.

2-Elegant black chandelier over the dining table

The kitchen is adorned in white, and succeeding to the kitchen is a dining area with easy seating. Pantry is decorated in shades of grayish. The dining area is lit artificial lighting in the shape of big lamps that illuminate the comfortable dining area. The kitchen is adorned with a beautiful mirror that reflects the illumination. Live plants refreshing atmosphere.

3-Beautiful black dishes on the kitchen table

The interior uses two colors in black and white that looks contrasty. The walls in the interior are decorated with burnished and beautiful paintings and black and white photos.

4-Luxury white kitchen with a beautiful facade

The kitchen fittings and wardrobe white original decorate the fridge, it is embellished like a white wardrobe, and some have built-in shelves, along which there are cookbooks. Appliances Chrome, goes good with white facade kitchen.

5-Corridor White color in the interior apartment

Along the corridor open cabinet, which allowed clothes. Below is a shelf for shoes, on which the shoes. Flowers in the hallway looked very gracious and smart.

6-ideal bedroom white

The bedroom is divided white wall that separates the other room. The bedroom is adorned in white, with beautiful pastel shades. Textiles in the interior are beige shades with pink details.

7-Luxury wardrobe interior

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