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June 24, 2015
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5-Cute children's bedroom is decorated in shades of beige and light

It is difficult to envisage that this beautiful and bright apartment is situated in an old garage that was changed into a stylish two-story mansion, with intimate and gracious way. The inside of the home is dressed in white with natural materials: wood paneling, textiles that adorn each room. The interior of the house also has a modest bedroom, which is dressed in shades of beige. Comfortable gray bed on wheels made of wood and decorated beautiful mite. The sleeping accommodation is comfortable and practical chest of drawers for children’s wear. On the dresser are children’s toys.

4-Bright black wall in the interior of the bedroom

The stone walls are decorated in beige shades, which goes well with the black plasterboard wall. Built-in shelves designed for books, and bright accessories. Above the spot is a beautiful lamp from Ikea. Bathroom has several levels. The original cabinet is decorated by a beautiful covers with leather handle. Washbasin set on a high wooden cabinet.

3-Beautiful black staircase on the second floor

The kitchen is decorated along the ground level of the garage, it is very minor, but compact. Kitchen facade is adorned with metal facades. The kitchen delivers a long shelf black, on which the spices, cookbooks, cereals. Next to the dining area is a beautiful staircase in black.

2-The original staircase in the interior of the house

The living room is situated adjacent to the dining arena. The interior of the living room is a comfortable sofa in gray, but rather used the coffee table cleared of wood construction platform on wheels. Embellish the interior bright elements and original lamps.

1-table for pallet

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