Russian Wooden House

June 22, 2015
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1-Beautiful interior of a living room

The kitchen is located adjacent to the living room, kitchen facade is decorated in matt black. The white color blends easily with the blackened kitchen, and looks very contrasting. Above the dining table is a massive table that lit the lamps in the dining area. The spacious living room is adorned in bright colors, the walls are adorned with wooden panels. The interior of the high ceiling, the second floor offers a beautiful panorama of the living room. In the living room are original sofas of various shades.

2-Vivid pictures in the interior of the house

In The living area holds a lot zoned lighting. table with beautiful chairs. Above the dining area is a beautiful crystal chandelier and original lamps in the interior. The living area has a lot zoned lighting.

3-Bedroom shades of gray

On the second level there is a commodious and comfy seating area. The chamber is adorned with wooden panels. The semblance of light wood combines well with dark furniture. Approach the bed is a work area. The toilet is decked in shades of beige, as easily as a sleeping room.

4-Billiard tables in the interior room

The house is a commodious and comfy seating area. The recreation area has a pool table comfortably. The lounge area is a comfortable chair, and chairs. Above there is a pool table with comfortable lighting.

5-Beautiful tables of black color in the interior

The recreation field has a great deal of brilliant characters and original accessories. In the billiard room on the shelves are bright and beautiful accessories, with original frames. In the living room is a big corner sofa in gray, which is situated next to the tables in black. The walls are adorned with beautiful clock and molded items.

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