Beautiful villa in the style of Provence

June 18, 2015
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1-a beautiful country house

The mansion is located in Mexico, which is dressed in the style of Provence. The house is fenced in by magnificent facade, the landscape, and many colorful plants that adorn the house around. Within the mansion is also a bunch of smart and beautiful pieces with subtle shades. The summer patio is a large number of bright and comfortable seating areas.

2-a bright terrace with outdoor pool

In the courtyard is a comfortable, cool of the pool which is decorated with beautiful pots of live plants. On the ground level there is a comfortable dining table, which is adorned with flowers and around the table are beautiful wrought-iron chairs.

3-The big clock in the interior terrace

The inside is a flock of smart objects that adorn the interior: a large clock on the terrace looks great. Vine branches beautifully encircle the arbor in the yard.

4-Bright living room with beautiful objects

The spacious living room is dressed in shades of beige. In the center of the living room is a comfortable beige sofa, which are decorated with colorful cushions. Succeeding to the lounge is a coffee table constructed of wood. The living room holds a comfortable library with a ladder.

5-Green kitchen with white

The roomy kitchen is dressed in white with green. In the center of the kitchen is a kitchen table colors, light walnut that surrounds the dark chairs. The kitchen sink is convenient, which is situated opposite the window.

6-Cosy stove in the kitchen

The kitchen is a beautiful wood-burning stove, which can be utilized for cooking.

7-Beautiful table in the bathroom

The bath is very roomy and comfy. Final table filled with a colorful bottle of perfume, soap means, candles. The bathroom is decorated in white. Floor decorates a beautiful beige tile.

8-Luxury bedroom interior

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