Romantic apartment in Stockholm

June 17, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room

Romantic apartment located in the loft. The interior of all the rooms together in one way. The roof is white framed wooden beams. The total area is 46 square meters. The interior of the large number of low ledges that are filled with accessories, books, and other.

2-Wooden beams in the interior of the house

The living room is situated next to the bed, but instead used the bottom mattress, headboard decorated board, on which there are photographs, drawings. Approach the bottom is an open closet, which is suspended from a beam. A great number of boxes in a diversity of colors replace the rack.

3-regular bed in the interior of the house

The dining area is open to the living room. Above the dining table beautiful lighting with bright copper-colored chandeliers. The interior of a big bit of designer furniture Ikea.

5-A white kitchen in the interior of the room

Small and modest kitchen decorated in white, which goes well with the bright chrome details and home accessories. In the interior of the kitchen is not hanging cabinets are used instead rails on which hung pan and other utensils.

6-Beautiful entrance to the original partition

The original configuration of the roof with beautiful windows that have a non-standard configuration. Approach the entryway is a convenient shelf for shoes which is constructed from a box wood. Approach the entryway is the kitchen with nice shelves and utensils. Live plants complement the inside and refresh it.

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