Bright House in London

June 17, 2015
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1-Bright living room with green items

Beautiful and original apartment are located in London. The total area is 69 square meters. The flat is situated in a beautiful old home, merely it is embellished in a modernistic way. The modern apartment interior space is not separated, all the walls were taken away. Such a solution is suitable just for those who like modern style. In the living room is a beautiful white bookcase, which is filled with beautiful, colorful books with bright pictures within. Along the top shelf are beautiful boxes made of natural material. Books are arranged on shelves in the color order. Gray sofa fits well with shiny light green cushions, ottoman.

2-gray sofa with large cushions

The living room is situated adjacent to the dining area. The living room is decorated in white color that blends well with contrasting black walls that smoothly into the kitchen fronts. The dining area is settled near the black stripe.

4-Beautiful black matte cuisine

From the kitchen overlooks the bedroom, the kitchen is divided from the bedroom by a beautiful glass wall that visually expands the space. Close the sink is a little garden where you grow basil, mint and other spices.

5-cozy bedroom in shades of gray

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a glass partition. The bed is located on a small podium. Near the walls are built cabinets white. Living room and bedroom are separated by a table that blends well with the color of the floor.

6-narrow bathroom with beautiful objects

To save in the interior uses a narrow and compact bathroom where the shower is located next to a toilet, sink and a small window.

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