Beautiful country house with large terrace

June 16, 2015
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1-two-storey house Beautiful interior

Beautiful and roomy house is located in Australia. The mansion provides a beautiful vista of nature in the grand. Close to the mansion is a beautiful terrace, which looks cozy and comfy. The interior of the house is a large number of furniture made of natural materials that are environmentally.

2-Black fireplace in the interior

The first floor is used for guests on the second level is a beautiful library. The interior of the living room uses the basic colors white, which gets well with dark more accessories.

3-Artin bright interior

Beautiful and bright furniture complements the interior, bright interior combined with a massive dark furniture. The inside is a flock of brilliant paintings that are on the dark walls. Bright picture looks terrific on the drab walls.

4-Beautiful dark table in the center of the kitchen

The kitchen is really broad and comfy room, with a massive dark furniture that mixes well with the white facade of furniture. In the kitchen, a big bit of comfortable work surface. In the kitchen a lot of contrasting objects. Black furniture is very nicely emphasizes the white crockery. In the living room, the classical shades and a comfortable low furniture.

5-Former facade kitchen interior

One section of the kitchen adorned in white, the second component of the kitchen is dressed in black and ashen. Near the oven is a beautiful chalk board, which can be applied as a blackboard.

6-Beautiful swing at the terrace

On the patio, there are comfortable sofas with soft pillows, beautiful coffee table. The inside of the house and terrace are many plants that are refreshing interior of the home. Close to the mansion there is a modest swimming pool with sun loungers.

7-Luxury pool in the interior

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