Great Scottish style in the House

June 15, 2015
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5-Replacement bedroom black with shades of beige

The original style in the Scottish style. The interior uses bright objects, antique accessories, furniture, beautiful fabrics. The living room is adorned in a classical Scottish style. The living room is decorated in shades of blue, which are in harmony with the noblest colors of the furniture. Along the walls of many brilliant pictures. Shelves filled with colorful vintage glassware, porcelain figurines. Along the walls hung with beautiful plates that create the atmosphere of old.

5-Luxury bathroom in shades of black

Bathroom and toilet are decorated in black colors, for contrast in the interior used white sanitary ware: toilet, sink.

4-Beautiful bed on the second floor

The interior uses bright curtains in a cage in black and cherry. In each room, there are fresh flowers that are refreshing interior room. The bedroom is decked in bright colors, which is complemented by bright accessories in shades of violet. Above the layer is a beautiful gilded chandelier with bright violet lamp. At the head of the bed decorated with colorful paintings.

4-A large number of shelves in the interior

In the hallway is a immense library, which is placed along the shelves built into the rampart. Near the library close is full of shelves with beautiful designs. The walls are decorated with beautiful and colorful paintings, clippings from old papers.

3-vivid details in the interior

In the living room a bright and varied number of original antique furniture. On the sofas are decorated with colorful pillows with beautiful colors, shapes. In the living room a spacious change of chairs in different colors and with different depictions. Beautiful vintage cupboard decorate the living room, which are candle holders, flower vases, porcelain figurines.

2-The original kitchen with bright objects

The kitchen is small, but receptive, with stacks of shelves. Along the table top are a large number of cans with cereals, bowl of fruit. On the shelves is a beautiful utensil. Facade kitchen is dressed in shades of green, with shiny red object, kettle.

11-beautiful lamp with lens in the interior

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