Functional and Minimalist House

June 15, 2015
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3-high table in the interior of the room

A modest single-bedroom apartment has been commuted into a studio. The total area of this apartment is only 58 square meters. The inside of the apartment is adorned in a minimalist fashion. All rooms have been united into a single room.

2-original style cuisine at Inter

The kitchen is decorated in beige interior of the kitchen is cleared of wood, walnut color. Table top of black artificial stone creates contrast. The dining area holds a high table and a comfy bar stools.

1-beautiful Scandinavian style interior of the apartment

The flat is adorned in white, which is well looked black wall, next to a black wall is a blank space for rest and comfort, and the joint board games.

6-Bathroom with a beautiful decoration

The bathroom is decorated in shades of gray, the walls are treated with a plaster that looks at urban style that looks good with the wooden floor. The bathroom has a wooden shelves on which objects are placed in care.

5-beautiful shelves with beautiful accessories

The interior of the room a lot of shelves with interesting scripts, magazines and records with beautiful design, accessories, figurines. Along the shelves at that place are a bunch of music books.

4-black wall beautiful color

The inside is a lot of bright pillows, which are spread out along the base. The bed is located on a low dais, under which there are racks where you can stash away things, bed linen.

3-high table in the interior of the room

The bed is located on a beautiful wooden podium, which is a comfortable mattress in purple. In the box is a beautiful bed and a guitar amp sound. Above the layer is a lamp. The house sets daylight light that lights up the room, occupying it with light.

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