Small Manhattan Apartment in Gray

June 11, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-beautiful scenery of purple sofa

Beautiful, but a little apartment located in Manhattan, it is only 20 square meters. The modest size of the apartment is not frightened residents, and they have produced a beautiful and pleasant inside, which features for comfort. The flat is situated in the elite district of the Upper West Side. Each zone is divided into convenient, functional areas.
The living area is comfortable and comfortable sofa gray, which is diluted with bright pillows with beautiful patterns. Next to the couch is a table blue glossy texture.

2-Beautiful picture of a skull

Double bed is located in the walls, to the beauty of the bed is decorated with colorful cushions. To the left of the bed an unusual diamond-shaped print in shades of gray. Near the bed and the living room is a beautiful glass lamp that diffuses a soft light in the interior of the apartment. Above the bed is a convenient shelf, which is adorned with bright accessories: a picture of the skull, white classic watches, and bright colors. Bed linen in brown, beige and lilac hues.

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