Charming Scandinavian style apartment

June 10, 2015
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1-nice light interior with a glass wall

Beautiful spacious apartment in bright colors looks great and original. The total area is about 72 square meters. Flat divided into several zones by glass walls. Draw close the glass partition is the range. Behind another wall is a comfortable and roomy kitchen.

2-beautiful white kitchen with a spacious view

In the kitchen, a plurality of functional areas, located opposite the window, countertop with shelves, which is very functional. In the kitchen, a plurality of closed and clear shelves. In the living room a good deal of white furniture, which blends well with ruby and white sofa cushions. Beside the sofa is an original glass table, which creates a tactile sensation of lightness. Near the bookshelf is a comfy chair, with the original intention. Electric lights in the interior of IKEA, complement an interior room. Live plants complement the inside and give it freshness.

3-beautiful bedroom with workplace

Approach the entryway is a large library, which is situated at the ingress of the bench. The glass partition is a children’s room, it is minor, but thick. Instead of using a sofa bed with pullout shelves, close to the rack and shelves with a table. Desk consists of a glass top and wooden shelves. The bedroom for adults used gray, purple shades that work good with white. Next to the bed are comfortable hanging cabinets white. The room is used instead of curtains, blinds that hide the light of day. Above the bed are comfortable bulbs that are well-lighted space for everyone.

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