Bright & Beautiful House On The Crete

June 10, 2015
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2-Bright picture of the interior

The bright and beautiful house is located on the beautiful resort island of Crete. Interior designed by the original authority. This interior is really original and creative. The living room is together with kitchen, dining area. Living room decorated in shades of beige, which complement the bright purple items, wood furniture.
Opposite the dining table is a beautiful and brilliant picture, which sets the brilliant atmosphere in the interior. The dining area is a massive wooden table, with beautiful white chairs. The interior is in the frame of a partition wall, which takes in a multitude of shelves for books. Along the wall is a TV that is maneuvered onto the sofa.

1-Beautiful beige walls in the interior

The dining area is lighted by shining lights in a diversity of shapes. Below the table is a beautiful carpet in shades of grayish. In the living room is a commodious and comfortable area with nice comfy sofas. In the living room is a comfortable lighting, shelf, curtains that sowing light and create the interior of soft light.

4-beautiful turquoise interior room

The bedroom is really minor, but comfortable and cozy. The bed is located at a convenient platform. Succeeding to the bed are comfortable terry white carpets. The wall behind the headboard of bright aqua. The window is placed behind the headboard, which is adorned with a beautiful roll-curtain with beautiful pictures.

5-Large and bright kitchen interior

The kitchen is decked in a shiny green color, in combination with yellow. Facade kitchen decorated in white color in combination with wood. Kitchen and dining space separates a small bar. Interior kitchen accessories complement the smart.

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