Modern Scandinavian Interior

June 9, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Beautiful kitchen with living room interior

Beautiful duplex located in Sweden. The interior is decorated in a classic Scandinavian style. Interior living room and kitchen connected in one area, which is divided by a partition. The kitchen is located on the second floor is decorated in white. The kitchen is located near the walls, facade color glossy white kitchen, with a nice contrast brown countertop. The shelves are arranged in the interior of beautiful appliances. Near the kitchen is a dining table oval.

2-The original master bedroom in the interior

The interior of the original brickwork looks black, which goes well with white inside. The living way is full of brilliant accessories, smart textiles: cushions, carpets, rugs, drapes. The inside is a flock of bright living plants that make the interior a convivial ambiance. Above the dining table is a beautiful lamp, and for the comfort the interior is adorned with beautiful candles. The second bedroom is located on the top floor. It is very low, but very snug. Linens dark color contrasts in the interior bedroom. Live plants in the interior create a bright and fresh atmosphere. Vivid paintings and photography create a modern environment.

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