June 8, 2015
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1-Gray in the interior decor

Beautiful and modern apartment is located up in Poland. The living room is dressed in shades of grayish. At the middle of the room is a sofa beige, which is settled near the coffee table on thin metal legs. Sofa with colorful pillows in black and white chevron. Opposite the couch is a white plinth. Along the wall is a beautiful white shelf, where there are books, pamphlets.

6-black wall in interior

The toilet is adorned in black and white shades, a small bathroom is split into two parts, shower and bathroom. Bathroom decorated in black, which is adorned with a vivid picture of a gorilla. Opposite is a shower, basin which is framed tiles squirrel. The floor in the interior of the black tiles decorates the white carpet.

5-bedroom in shades of gray

Beautiful bedroom in a classic color with shades of gray, beige and textiles, which complements the interior. The windows in the interior of the room open, so natural light illuminates the room with natural color. Near the window there is a comfortable table hazel color and the bed are beautiful bedside tables.

4-beautiful living room

The kitchen is a comfy dining area, which is situated opposite the summer patio. At the table are beautiful designer chairs. Above the table there is a beautiful wooden chandelier. The wall near the dining area is framed by a white brick.

3-the original lamp in the interior

Near the open kitchen and dining area is the entrance, and is situated adjacent to a beautiful hanger with things and bags. The kitchen interior looks harmonious white matte black base, which looks great.

2-black wall in interior

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