Beautiful House countryside Chile

June 8, 2015
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5-house made of wood, with a beautiful wooden deck

Beautiful wooden house for a rural getaway. The house is placed along a wooden platform itself is composed solely of wood, which fixes the house noble and ecological. The house consists of two levels, the ground level is a living way, kitchen and upstairs bedroom comfortable seating.

4-original outdoor terraces in the interior

On the ground level there is a beautiful wooden patio. The living room is separated by a glass partition with a terrace in a blackened frame. Fence in the interior decorated to the ceiling along the first level. The patio holds a built-in fireplace that is very stable and comfortable for evening relaxation.

3-Beautiful wooden staircase in the interior

On the ground level there is a little kitchen in classic shades of beige color. Above the dining table is a beautiful chandelier in white, with the lens. The dining table is painted using bright colors, vivid stripes table looks great and splendid. Close to the table are beautiful benches in one color with a table. Color’s on the first floor – white, wooden boards painted white.

2-bright rainbow table in the interior

In the living room one wall is painted white, and the other wall in natural color. In the living room there is a humble coffee table from raw wood, and a number of original designer chair. For the convenience of the interior are beautiful white sofas.

1-beautiful white house in the garden

The house is situated in an enclosed area from other people. The second floor of the terrace is decorated in black, the second floor is decorated in white, with shades of black, creating a contrast.

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