Elegant Austrian House

June 5, 2015
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6-Beautiful area near the house

Beautiful and modern house is located in Australia. The house from the outside looks neat and beautiful. Summer terrace decorated with beautiful furniture on the terrace is a beautiful rattan sofa, which is decorated with beautiful cushions. Succeeding to the couch are a beautiful braided table, and the yellow chair.

5-Beautiful bedroom interior

The house has three beautiful bedrooms, which are dressed in beige hues. The first bedroom is adorned in shades of beige, beautiful glass walls looking out on the summer patio. Bed decorated blue plaid and colorful cushions. The second chamber is adorned in white, which is adorned with colorful figures. The third bedroom also has access to the patio. Beige bedroom is bright and beautiful rug.

4-Beautiful shelf in the interior of the room

The living room is adorned in white, many built-in shelves, you can pull through space. Along the shelves are beautiful wicker chests, frames with photographs. The interior of the living room is bright leather sofas dark brown. Bright chairs in black and white adorn the interior, and looks great.

3-Dining table in the interior

In the living room is a dining table, around the table are beautiful chairs. Bright benches adorn the inside of the living room. The windows are placed a dark mantle.

2-beautiful kitchen interior with bright wardrobe

The kitchen is decorated with the bright white wooden facade. Glossy facades, walls seem very beautiful and smart. At the heart of the kitchen there is a beautiful dining table cover in black, which is the working area.

1-Beautiful blue carpet in the room interere

The interior with beige, the color of wood are well combined white object, and blue accessories that give the interior its own feel.

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