Beautiful White House In The Greece

June 5, 2015
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1-Beautiful interior of the house white

Beautiful house situated in Greece, in the little village of Santorini. The design of the house was designed by the architectural studio. The house has an unusual shape, round roof creates an image bathed and original windows in the interior create a soft and warm light.

2-white living room with beautiful shelves

The living room is decorated with. The roof holds a round shape in the wall are pretty little windows that admit natural light. The interior is minimalist style, is decorated in a TV niche that is very easy and usable. All the furniture is on the wooden platform, which is highlighted to create lightness. Along the wooden platform arranged cushions that serve instead of the sofa.

3-Beautiful bedrooms and workplace white

The home is a beautiful room where there is a topographic point for relaxation and a seat to workplace. Soft pillows are on the podium, in another section of the room is a comfortable white table. Conversely workplace is a beautiful box as small arches.

4-kitchen with beautiful white facades

The kitchen is modest but very compact and convenient. Facade cuisine can white color which looks really decent, and the little white kitchen visually expands the space. The kitchen is a comfortable equipment – coffee maker, microwave, and other equipment is built – stove and oven.

5-Bedrooms in white

Two of the bedrooms are decked in shades of white. Next to the bottom are the archetypes of the lamp. On the rostrum is the mattress, which is really commodious. The second bedroom holds a wooden podium, which delivers a comfy mattress.

6-Light in the interior basins

The bathroom is very nice comfortable sinks, which are housed in stone shelves. Along the shelves are placed beautiful flowers, guest towels.

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