Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

June 4, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Scandinavian style in the interior of the living room

The interior of an apartment in the Scandinavian style – a new movement in the invention of modern apartment or home. The interior of the Scandinavian style used white color that visually expands the distance, which is very usable in small flats. White color can be utilized as the backdrop of the room, furniture, and other decorative details.

2-Beautiful interior shelving

In the Scandinavian style used by a minimalist design and open spaces, which may have small partitions, shelves, arches, which can carve up a room into various operational areas.

3-beautiful staircase in the interior

The interior of the one-room will actually look small podium, stairs, where it can be located bedroom, workplace, or dining area. Convenient location podium saves a lot of space, and allow to hide things in closed shelves.

3-wardrobe in the Scandinavian style

Location workplace wardrobe, or closet. Every little corner or closet can be an original publication. It is likewise possible to issue a cozy nook on the balcony or a little patio in the summer days.

4-beautiful window sill in the interior

The wonderful Scandinavian design will see outstanding and wide windowsill, on which can be arranged books, magazines, or the seat cushion to be able to sit on the windowsill and read a script. The window sill can be utilized as a dining or work desk.

4-beautiful shelves and tables in the interior

The interior should also employ a set of low shelves on which you can place books, pictures or plants. In a small room can be used racks, tabletops. For the interior, you can employ a narrow furniture, which preserves the inner place.

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