Glamorous apartment in Lisbon

June 4, 2015
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1-wooden wall in the interior

The beautiful, glamorous apartment is located in Lisbon. The inside is a lot of smart and glamorous details. The advanced style is underlined by bright classic and vintage items. The living room is divided into several functional areas that are shared by an arch with wooden partitions. Interior living room: shades of beige, with black color. At the middle of the room is a sitting area and is placed adjacent to a glass coffee table, which makes the interior of weightlessness.

2-a huge chandelier in the interior

In the inside of the living room is a beautiful black leather couch. Sofa cushions decorated with colorful golden. At the middle of the room is a beautiful mirrored coffee table that looks in weightlessness.

3-beautiful TV text

The dining area is located next to the living room. The dining table has a circular shape in white. Above the dining table is a beautiful and large lamp which looks very original. Near the dining table beautiful chairs in classic white, black. Near the table it is also located in a large frame circuit. Before TV are accessories, candle holders, vases

4-glossy kitchen interior

The kitchen is adorned in shiny black, glossy black kitchen facade colors. Next to the kitchen is a convenient rack on which is books, accessories, items for the kitchen. The bedroom in the house is decorated in shades of beige, the bed looks very glamorous and quilted bed looks awesome.

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