Beautiful Apartment in Taiwan

May 28, 2015
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1-beautiful interior in black style

Beautiful and spacious apartment decorated in the industrial style. This flat is settled in Taiwan. The primary colors of the interior: gray, white and low details. The living room is a dining area, which is split up into a long bar, blue. Nearby is a beautiful checkered couch.

2-beautiful interior style in black with blue sofas

At the middle of the room is a commodious and comfortable arena of the cushions dark turquoise. These cushions absorbers can be affected, and the ramp up of the furniture comfortable place to stay. Pillows can be utilized as a bed for guests, coffee table.

3-Beautiful reflector lamp in the interior

The dining area is located to the left of the living room. Above the beautiful table made of natural wood is a beautiful chandelier with mirror floor lamp and crystal rhinestones. Next to the window is a beautiful vase with artificial branches. Textiles in the inside in black: curtains, bed linen.

4-Elegant bedroom with black linen in the interior

The sleeping area is joined with a lavatory and shower. Bedroom interior executed in minimalist design. The Bed is constructed of metal, wrought iron bed painted black. Succeeding to the bottom is a bedside table vintage wood. The interior, Beautiful chair with fur capes. The bath holds a beautiful classic tub and shower.

5-Beautiful shower with mosaics in the interior

The toilet is a wardrobe area with white. The inside of the room Beautiful white tiles with blue accents, patterns. Dressing room connects to the shower, which is convenient.

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