The best country hotels in Tuscany

May 27, 2015
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1-beautiful bedroom at the hotel

Beautiful and charming hotel in Tuscany, Italy. The interior uses traditional style with modern furniture, and accessories that look modern and fashionable. The inside looks rather charming and cunning.

2-Beautiful living room with dining area

Modern bathroom with beautiful accessories, and natural materials. The interior is used: wood, rock, natural materials. The roof is adorned with wooden beams, which renders the interior a rustic style. All sleeping rooms are in beige shades, which are complemented by white fabrics, air curtains, which feed the interior a special appeal. The living room and dining area is very comfy and functional, each table is designed for two people. The lunch place resembles home cooking.

3-Dressing room with bedroom

In each bedroom there is a beautiful wardrobe, which has open shelves. The console is constructed of natural untreated wood. Bedroom interior is decorated entirely of wood that is eco-friendly. Drapes, rugs made of burlap and look very environmentally friendly.

4-Luxury bathroom brass

The bathroom is very spacious, the bathroom is made of brass, which looks very nice. Next to the bath are located round the chairs, which can be positioned cosmetics and other details.

5-beautiful view of the nature of

The hotel delivers a nice summer terrace, where you can spend dinners or lunches. Close to the hotel is a beautiful nature, and a convenient swimming pool for guests. The pond is situated in the open air.

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