Gorgeous House in Florida

May 22, 2015
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4-desktop in the interior

Beautiful and original residences are in Florida. The inside of the apartment is adorned in classic shades. In the living room, a large number of open windows that allow natural light and visually expand the space. The inside is white wooden furniture is used in white. In the bedroom is a small, comfortable workplace.

4-Beautiful kitchen with living room

The living room is connected with a modest kitchen, which is apportioned by a stripe, which suffices as a divider. The living room is dressed in white with gray green shades. In the living room sofa marked out in white and decorated with beautiful silver pillows. The kitchen is decorated in white with beige shades. The bar counter is made of artificial stone. The interior of the living room complemented the interior with green plants, palm trees.

3-Bedrooms in different style

The inside of the house holds two chambers with a gorgeous panorama of the ocean and surrounding countryside. The first sleeping room is done in shiny shades. The first bedroom is decorated in white with bright cobalt blue, which works well with shades of apricot. Bright cushions in the interior well with beautiful striped rug white. Beige bedroom with a beautiful padded headboard decorated on the rampart. The windows are adorned with beautiful beige checkered curtains. Beige details in the interior bedrooms combine well with the white cloths.

2-a beautiful round white table

The dining area is settled near the window. Dining area – spacious and comfy. The dining area is a turn table in white, which has a sliding table top, which is very convenient and usable.

1-Sea waves in the interior

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