Beautiful villa in West Hollywood

May 20, 2015
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5-a beautiful blue carpet

Beautiful apartment is located in West Hollywood. This beautiful villa is located in Los Angeles. This design was developed by the designers of the company Smith Firestone Associates. The whole villa is made in white color that complements the bright parts and accessories in the interior. Beautiful villa in white complemented by pastel shades, and makes it cozy and comfortable for life.

6-Dining together with a beautiful room work

The living room in the classical style, in white. In the middle of the living room is a beautiful crystal chandelier with artificial candlesticks. Along the wall there are also lighting a taper. The primary colors of the furniture in the interior: purple and dark gray color, which perfectly complement each other. The working area is drawn in dark colors, black stand looks great with white contrasting furnishings and beautiful carpets in black and white mode. Glass table creates a weightless interior. Shelves filled vases with flowers, books, and paintings.

5-Black white bedroom with bathroom

Bedroom interior white wall dilutes black with beautiful drawings bedside. Other points in the sleeping room of white matte color. The bathroom sinks are constructed of beautiful stone, with beautiful chrome handles. The bath is a beautiful mirror with illumination.

4-The living room and dining area with kitchen

The kitchen in the heart of the room is a beautiful island, countertops made of natural marble. For convenience, there are two sinks. Dining area with sofas very comfortable and cozy. For convenience benches are adorned with beautiful patterns pillows.

4-Bathroom in pink colors

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