Beautiful Apartment in Spain

May 20, 2015
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4-Cozy bedroom interior

Beautiful and roomy house is sited in Spain. The interior of the house is beautiful and cute accessories that create comfort and coziness in every room. The dining area is situated in the middle of the living room. Log in every room is situated between the other rooms. All the doors are dressed in white with glass inserts.

3-Spacious open plan living room

The bedroom is decked in shades of beige. Near the bed is the entrance to the balcony, and open the door will illuminate an interior room with daylight. Next to the bed are bedside tables, on which there are live plants, books, and other accessories. Fabrics made from natural fabrics. The interior of the bedrooms is a beautiful chest of drawers in beige shades.

2-The beautiful outdoor balcony in the interior of the apartment

From the living room there are various outlets that leads to the street, and a summer terrace. In the middle of the living room is a beautiful coffee table constructed of wood. The interior rooms are a great number of plants, which create comfort in the interior.

1-Beautiful interior in Spain

The inside of each room is a creative mess, which renders the interior a special appeal and ease. The summer patio is a comfortable chair with a blanket coral color. From the balcony provides a beautiful panorama of the surrounding countryside of Spain. The inside of the apartment is really beautiful and original flooring that is tiled in a classic way. The inside of the apartment has lots of window sills which can be placed cushions for a comfy. The primary colors in the interior of the house: beige, pink shades.

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