Stylish Apartment In Sweden

May 15, 2015
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1-Blue sofa in jeans

Beautiful flat situated in the small size of Sweden. The entire area of the apartment – 49 square meters. The hotel’s interior styling is distinctly Scandinavian. Every box of space laid out in particular in the room a lot of functional fields. The living room is connected to the dining room, which saves work space in the kitchen.

2-Beautiful kitchen in white

The kitchen has an open space, which creates it easy to go from the kitchen to the dining or living area, which is very pragmatic. Facade cuisine made in white, that visually expands the distance, black worktop creates a brilliant contrast. Green plants in the kitchen create a cheerful and positive atmosphere.

3-Beautiful box with a denim color

In the living room is a modest job in a minimalist way. Close the screen background is a wooden stairway, which is applied as a shelf for magazines. On the desktop, it is a handy organizer for pens and pencils. Above the table is a depiction of a diamond.

4-Beautiful bedroom with black and white wallpaper

The sleeping area is settled between the living room and kitchen, between which there are partitions. Above the headboard, beautiful wallpaper in black and white. On a white background are shown in black. Because of the small space is not possible to place bedside tables, hanging shelves are therefore used, which are small lamps. The sleeping place done in black and white colors. On the shelves are racks with magazines.

5-Walk-in closet in the bedroom

Next to the bedroom is a small dressing room with plenty of shelves, where are things neatly, clothes, shoes. In the corridor is located in the interior of the mirror in a gilded frame.

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