Modern Interiors With Turquoise color

May 14, 2015
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5-Emerald turquoise

In turquoise interior looks really pleasant. The turquoise color refers to the color aqua, green. Turquoise shades are really valued and expensive. Cobalt blue color can be different shades, from the dark green to very light turquoise mixed with white.

4-Living room with turquoise

Cobalt blue is best blended with white. A white color with turquoise color looks really clean and looks really comfortable in. White color combination with the turquoise color will look good in the Greek style.

3-Black turquoise with white and black

Turquoise color looks good with bright contrasting colors. The dark color in combination with the turquoise color looks really glamorous and refined.

2-A bright turquoise color in the kitchen

Beige color combined with shades of pink creates a cozy ambience in any way. Beige color with shades of turquoise looks good in the interior bedroom, living room or kitchen, bathroom.

1-Dark Room turquoise

Silver shades blend perfectly with the turquoise blue color. These colors will be appropriate in the kitchen and in the bath. The turquoise shades will look good metal objects that seem very fashionable. Brown shades are also perfectly combined with turquoise, cool colors give a warm image. Interiors with turquoise well with natural materials: wood. Turquoise hues are perfectly mixed with cream color and pink tones, soften and cool shades.

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