Combined Living Room And Dining Room

May 8, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room interior

For a small apartment suitable design is a great alternative and a combined living room with a dining area, and kitchen. This design solution is real simple and original. An important task distributed in different areas of cozy items, usable furniture, partitions, lighting.

2-bright living room with dining area

Living room – this is the primary plaza in the apartment, where people often pass their time. Living room of all is always the most roomy and big. If the kitchen is modest, a dining area can be located in the living room. In this room should be very functional and comfortable for all residents of family and friends.

3-a beautiful interior

The living room is better to create a bright shade that promotes relaxation, creating a cozy atmosphere. With the help of lighting the living room can be singled out from the dining area by using several style solutions.

4-beautiful chair in a living room interior

The living room will look good in white, which can be supplemented by vivid detail: pillows, rugs, beautiful objects that will create the interior of the room a bright and upbeat picture.

4-white living room in the interior of the room

Furniture in the living room, which is blended with a dining area, should be very useful and virtual. Should take one color scheme, or contrasting shades. Furniture can be decorated with lighting to create a delicate and pleasant light that makes a cozy and modern feel.

5-Brown living room with dining room room

Combined living room with dining area will look respectable in a minimalist way. Properly placed furniture, colors, beautiful accessories create a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

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