Green Living Room Home Design Ideas

April 30, 2015
Posted in Living Room

1-Living in bright green hues

The living room in green shades looks very beautiful, light, and efficient. Green shades give a snug ambiance and serenity to any room. Green shades are most suited for the living room and kitchen. Green shades blend well with shining colors. Green shades are best applied in the spacious suite.

2-Green living in dark shades

From the point of view of psychology green shades in the living room give comfort, as connected with natural hues. With green interior room can give freshness and luminosity. Moreover greens beneficial effect on mood, wellbeing and the human mind.

3-beautiful flowers in the interior of the living room

Green shades look good in any fashion of interior. It is best to use dark glasses of green eco-trend, ha-tech, loft and other innovative trends. Colored green to be habituated in a great room, light green would look well in a little living room.

4-patterns in white and green

Green shades are best mixed with clear shades. Brilliant shades of greens well diluted. The green color blends well with all natural colors: brown, beige, black. Green combine well with natural forest and natural wood.

5-accessories in the interior of the room green

The green color blends easily with the pastel shades: beige, blue, dairy shades. Green very well with dark shades: gray, dark color, with dark brown. Expand interior in shades of green, you can use green, living plants, which can be embellished with any corner of the living room.

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