The interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence

April 29, 2015
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1-Beautiful kitchen interior in the style of Provence

Beautiful kitchen in the style of Provence – it is the aspiration of any housewife. The design of the kitchen, which is combined with the living room, as decorative elements in the form of beautiful flowers. Roses are used in the decoration of pink tint. Locker doors are adorned with beautiful paintings in the form of pink roses, making a soft image of the interior.

2-Beautiful blue wardrobe with bright colors

The table top is made of artificial stone light color. Kitchen Sink also set in rock. This sink is very practical, comfortable, and looks noble. The case is very long-lasting and resistant to high and low temperatures, shock.

3-Beautiful ceiling with flowers

Antique furniture is real skillful and original complements the style of Provence. In the inside of the kitchen used shades of beige. The kitchen has a ceiling corrosive decorative moldings that blend well with bright colors. For a cozy atmosphere ceiling illuminated with warm illumination.

4-very beautiful dishes with flowers

The kitchen cabinets are used with beautiful facades and beautiful lighting. Warm light is scattered and illuminates the beautiful antique plates. Utensils in the kitchen decorated with beautiful flowers. For convenience and save space using the built in home tunica white, silver color.

5-beautiful lamp in the interior

Kitchen in the style of Provence has been switched completely, and reminds the French yard with beautiful blooms. The study area is located in front of windows, which is really commodious. The modern kitchen uses antique, vintage furniture.

6-Original indent into the interior

Complement the interior beautiful details that are functional kitchen. Beautiful hood installed together with a lamp that is very pragmatic and convenient. In the small kitchen looks good glass top.

7-Built-in furniture in the interior

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