An apartment with rounded walls covered with oak and a through space along full width of the apartment upon the project of Peter Kostelov.

April 28, 2015
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1-Beige interior room

Igor – an entrepreneur

Metric area
114 sq.m



2.8 m

Igor bought an apartment in a new residential complex “Smolenskaya Zastava” two and a half years ago rather for investment than for living in it. The apartment represented an empty space with the area more than 100 square meters before the repair. The new apartment was idle for about a year and a half, after this Igor wanted to set up home, although he does not live here permanently till now.

When he began to look through designers’ sites, the owner was disappointed a little by the uniformity dictated in his judgement by a demand for ordinary projects in the style of Russian hut, eclecticism, new classics, and hi-tech. The idea to transform the space appeared quite spontaneously, that’s why the owner didn’t have a clear and thought-out image. He wanted something laconic that arises sensation of incompleteness. Igor held up interiors of the film “London” as an example.

2-Beautiful washbasin in the bathroom interior

Some time later Igor found the site of Peter Kostelov by chance, whose projects stood out from all others and were consonant with the owner’s wishes stylistically. Igor was an ideal customer giving carte blanche to the architect. They scarcely argued: Peter prepared five variants from which the Oak Tube project was chosen. Organization of the through space and multiple levels were principal ideas of the architect in this project. This allowed to arise sensation of being not in the apartment but in a small house. There are street lamps which give soft light in the bedroom.

3-Shower with bathroom

A guest toilet is located near the entrance hall and wardrobe room. The sanitaryware is Duravit. The walls of corridors allowing to get into other rooms from both sides are partially coated with mirrors and this makes them wider visually. One more toilet is located in the bedroom. The sanitaryware is Duravit, Hansgrohe. Plinths from ceramic granite are a rational decision both from decorative and practical standpoint.

4-bedroom interior in the interior with wooden shelves

The main problem which the architect had to solve in the beginning of his work is lighting. Little light was admitted to the apartment on the fifth floor with windows facing the yard. In order to use it to the maximum it was decided to make basic space through and multi-level so that the daylight distributed uniformly in all rooms.

4-Kitchen with beautiful counter tops

Decoration plaster is used in the finishing of walls. The splashback in the kitchen is ceramic granite. The lamps are Tom Dixon. Panels for the kitchen were bought in Ikea, working surfaces are artificial stone.

4-wood color champagne

The idea to use a darker tone of the oak which would look more fundamentally and massively had to be dropped from the same considerations. In order to keep facture and naturalness of the wood as the main interior element it was treated with natural German oil Biofa. Accents in the interior were highlighted with the help of leather armchairs and sofa from Home Concept — Vintage Cigar line. The owner does not want to break minimalism and self-sufficiency set by the interior. One of few details is the hanger for outwear in the form of a deer with a gun. The owner bought it on a ski resort in France after peak conquest and a liter of Grappa. By the way Igor said that almost all such trophies and interior objects appeared in his life in this way as a rule. The bedroom is the only isolated space in the apartment which does not seem such: the general idea of an “oak tube” with rounded walls, from which this architectural design got its name, is kept here. Almost all walls are used functionally: wardrobes or niches for storage are inbuilt in them.

5-Beautiful bathroom with beige shades 

 The lamps are Modular, Louis Poulsen.

5-beautiful table made of wood

The place for projector was initially planned over the sofa in one of niches and for the screen – opposite the projector. The workers were out in their calculations, that’s why this idea had to be dropped.

6-Dining room connected to the living room

Most part of the furniture was made to order from Peter’s scratches. For instance, high bar chairs and a table with wooden tabletop. The lamp over the dining zone is Foscarini. Armchairs from bull skin for cigar rooms are Home Concept. Ceramic granite which was partially used in the floor finishing for ornament was cut from Peter’s scratch.

7-Beautiful living room with glass walls

Igor was not satisfied with the furniture, which blended in with the interior partly due to its roundness referring to the 60s, in terms of comfort. This armchair and other furniture are compromise variants found by the owner himself. The hanging lamp and the floor lamp from felt are Tom Dixon.

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