Green Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

April 16, 2015
Posted in Bedroom

1-Light green bed in the interior

Light green bedroom – bright and original solution, which creates a comfy and relaxing ambience. Green refers to the instinctive and natural shades. The greens are well suited for the bedroom, they are relaxing.

2-Beautiful details in the interior

Light green shades go well with white shades, beige, blue, and gray. Green is best used in pale shades. In light green bedroom is best to use no more than three colors.

3-Light green walls in the interior

Bedroom green color is best to use one basic green, and supplement it with vivid detail, objects. Light green shades in the bedroom interior well with wooden objects from light wood.

4-Light green bed in the interior

Green color can be used in textiles: curtains, pillows, blankets, bed linen, carpet.

5-Mint shades in the interior

You can add an interior with the help of green plants, which is very refreshing, and liven up the atmosphere in the interior.

6-Beautiful light green parts in the interior

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