Modular Home Fincube

April 15, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Beautiful wooden house

Compact and unique house is constructed of wood and holds a beautiful build. The house is on a hill and looks very compact and convenient. This house can be dismantled and moved to some other position. This will allow the house to move a place in the world.

2-House in the evening

The house has a unique system with solar panels that illuminate the house and create a unique design. The entire mansion holds a wooden figure and glass walls that let in plenty of daylight colors are set from the ceiling to the level.

3-Beautiful wooden bedroom

Frame constructed of forest, which is situated close to the house to protect the mansion from the vivid sun. On one level there are several functional areas, which are divided by partitions: living room kitchen, sleeping accommodation, bath.

4-Bright living room with purple sofa

The apartment is located entirely around, after the kitchen should be a living room, then a sleeping room and shower room. The inside uses a minimalist way, each region in the inside partition walls in the shape of furniture. The interior uses shades of beige, creating a warm and welcoming ambience.

5-Wooden furniture in the interior

All the furniture in the interior is made from ecological and long-lasting fabrics. The kitchen is located convenient shelves, countertops and all appliances built for convenience and saving space. The kitchen island is united with a dining table.

6-built-in shelves in the interior of the room

The bedroom has a comfortable bed rack, which can serve as a coffee table or bedside table.

7-Beautiful interior with living room

In the living room there is a beautiful and comfortable sofa, cherry color that blends well with green curtains and beige furniture.

8-Shower next to the bedroom

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