Beautiful Attic Apartment

April 14, 2015
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1-Beautiful white corridor in the kitchen

Beautiful and bright apartment situated in the loft. A minor area of the apartment is only 36 square meters. This flat is adorned in shiny colors in a Scandinavian fashion. The apartment receives the original plan, which shares a studio apartment into several operational areas.

2-Beautiful wooden window sill

In the living room on the first level there are several convenient and usable areas. The primary colors of the apartment – white, with black wood. A modest but beautiful window from which a magnificent view into the court.

3-Original bedroom with beautiful wallpaper

Near the kitchen is a humble and comfortable living room, a comfortable sofa located near the windows, which are well illuminated area for refreshment. Gray sofa decorated with beautiful soft pillows and a warm cover.

4-Beautiful staircase to the second floor

Under the stairs is a dining area, it is framed in a white color scheme, the old brick harmoniously looks into the interior, and painted white. The dining table has a round shape in beige color, round which are beautiful white chairs.

5-Small bathroom in beige shades

A little bath is decorated using tiles in shades of beige. Because of the little amount of space used shower, small sink. The base is lined with blue tiles, which looks really decent and original.

6-White kitchen with a living room

Small kitchen decorated in white, instead wall beautiful marble tiles. For a small kitchen used built-in appliances, which saves space. On the kitchen cabinets arranged beautiful house plants, tangerines, which enliven the atmosphere.

7-Small bedroom on the second floor
8-Beautiful round table in the interior

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