Beautiful Apartment in Spain

April 14, 2015
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1-Spacious and bright living room

The beautiful modern apartment is located in a beautiful and warm Spain. This interior was created by the studio Susanna Cots Design Studio. The interior of the apartment is decorated in a modern style, with bright colors.

2-The living room is separated from the dining area

The inside of this flat is adorned in bright colors, minimalist way. This flat is very cozy, comfy, and operative. The flat holds a batch of brilliant details that enliven the air and reach the inside bright and symmetrical. In the interior of the apartment are a large number of wooden furniture, which looks very imposing and easy. Living room is connected with dining area, which is divided by a partition, in this case, the partition is not only a decoration, but also a beautiful fireplace.

3-Beautiful bedroom in shades of beige

The sleeping room is small, but very snug. The bedroom is decorated in white. Headboard decorated with wooden planks that message is used for base design in the inside. Headboard using mirrors that visually expand the place.

4-Beautiful narrow bright kitchen interior

The kitchen is very modest and narrow, for the convenience of employing a narrow white facade that looks right in the interior of the narrow way. Near the sleeping room is a comfortable shelf where you can store cosmetics, fragrances.

5-beautiful bedroom in shades of purple

The bathroom is decked in bright colors, combined with wooden objects. Children’s bedroom – very original and usable. There is a pullout table, and many razed shelves that can hold things, clothes. The sleeper may be used for other purposes.

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