Luxury Ski Chalet in the Alps

April 13, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-beautiful house chalet in the mountains

Unusual and beautiful house, chalet in the Alps. Deep down, the house is original and forward-looking conception in a minimalist way. The total area of this house is 530 square meters. The house has three levels, comfy sleeping rooms, guest bedrooms, kitchen room with open living room and a terrace which provides beautiful vistas of the views of the mountains.

2-Swing in the apartment

The interior uses several modes simultaneously, minimalist style blends well with the style of hi-tech, and a loft. Modern furniture in the interior emphasizes the interior, and builds it gross. Most of the furniture used by modern designers, making the interior a unique and almost advanced.

3-The original design of the interior with white trim

The interior is minimalist style look good white, gray shades. The wooden parts give the interior a warm and welcoming ambience. The inside is beautiful and original kitchen furniture white, with the original frontage.

4-Gray chair with green cushions

In the living room in the middle of the room is an unusual fireplace that resembles a tree. Near the window there are swings, which permit you to savor the outdoors from a window.

5-The original bed in gray shades

Outside, the mansion seems like a classic chalet, only deep down the inside of the home looks really advanced, employing the most advanced equipment and furniture. The main color in the interior is done in shades of gray. Modern furniture blends well with a wooden roof.

6-Beautiful Wooden
7-Bedroom in shades of gray

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