Industrial House In Water Tower

April 13, 2015
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1-A beautiful staircase in the tower

House with a water tower – original, comfortable, and economical. This water tower has an area of 400 square meters. From the previous tower was created a prosperous and modern place. This tower has 6 levels. On the ground floor there is a convenient garage, the entrance to the first floor. On each floor there is a functional area. On the sixth floor there are several areas: living room, kitchen, dining room. The bedroom is located on the third floor. The fourth floor is bathroom. On the second level is a spacious walk-in wardrobe. The sleeper is located on the third floor.

2-Beautiful living room in shades of black

On the top level there is a beautiful outdoor arena, which can be employed as a summer terrace, and an observation deck. The summer patio is an outside shower, which is very convenient in the summer. From the bathroom provides a beautiful view of the fields, which are placed around the tower.

3-Bedroom in a minimalist style

Whole stories are connected by a beautiful spiral staircase constructed of metal, but likewise for the convenience of an elevator. Bedroom, located on the fifth floor looks modest. The main colors are black and white. Opposite the bed is a mirror wall that visually expands the space.

4-Modern kitchen interior

Beautiful and roomy kitchen with modern furniture, with built-in appliances – looks stylish and concisely.

4-Original shower

On the third level there is a toilet with modern fixtures and a comfortable shower. The toilet is adorned in black and white colors. Toilet and bathroom shared by long curtains. Zones separate glass partitions, curtains and beautiful gray.

6-Modern bathrooms in the house

The black color in the bathroom in harmony with white sinks, curtains.

5-Beautiful house for the cat
3-comfortable table in the interior

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