Beautiful house in the mountain

April 11, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Lovely house in the mountains

Beautiful and luxurious mansion is situated in a hilly expanse. This fantastic house has been created by designer company Pearson Design Group. This beautiful house looks good in the highlands. In the interior plan of the home and used natural materials that stress the natural surroundings around them.

2-Outdoor terrace in the interior

This beautiful house for vacation, house interior is dressed in a minimalist fashion. Close to the house there is the original outdoor summer patio, which posted massive furniture.

3-The original living room

Beautiful living room decorated in shades of gray, has a calm color. In the living room is an outdoor fireplace that warms the whole household with its heat and creates a cozy ambiance in the interior of the room.

4-Fur chair in the interior

In the living room is the original dining table, which is created from natural wood. Around the table there are chairs with red metal frame. Above the table there is a beautiful and original chandelier in the shape of a tree branch.

5-Beautiful black stove

In the center of the living room is the original wooden table, made of wood, which was created out of the trunk of an old oak. Around the table there is a comfortable sofa and comfortable chairs with fur upholstery. Over coffee table beautiful and original lamp in the form of round balls.

6-Large kitchen with island

The spacious kitchen is decorated with natural wood and countertops, and decorated using natural stone. In the middle of the kitchen is a kitchen island, with original bar stools on wheels.

7-Beautiful bed in the interior

The bedroom is decorated using natural wood. Beautiful bed has a headboard with a beautiful original shelf.

8-comfortable bathroom

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