Modern Minimalist House

April 10, 2015
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1-Beautiful white wooden house

Beautiful country house a total field of 100 square meters. This house has 3 floors. A low area on the site, which was the chance to make a humble but comfortable home. House and interior designed in a minimalist way, because of the small distance. Near the house, planted three beautiful trees.

1-Original wallpaper in the interior of the apartment

This beautiful house is designed for family with two children, and each child receives their own bedroom, and with the workplace. On the ground level is a comfortable kitchen-living room. For the convenience of the family were established two bathrooms. Built house is a very low cost, used in the construction of cheap materials. For decorative use two colors in the classical style: black and white. For a change of uses wall with a beautiful pattern on a white wall.

3-Black bedroom with light walls

Beautiful and spacious sleeping room in black monochrome. Seam and the lower portion of the room is decorated in black, the second piece of the room is decorated in white color scheme.

4-The long table in the interior of the room

On the third level is a comfy sleeping room with guest posts. Bedrooms in white shades framed in beautiful colors with bright shades on the third floor also have a working space for the children.

6-The original staircase in the interior black

On the second floor is a beautiful and original staircase made of wood, black with yellow inserts.

7-Beautiful living room interior

All the furniture in the interior was produced manually by designers. Most of the furniture is made of wood. Kitchen in the interior completely in white, which visually expands the space. The first part of a living room decorated in white.

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