A two-room apartment at Belorusskaya

April 9, 2015
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5-Warm shades in the interior of a bedroom

Olga moved into her apartment about three years ago. The repair took half year. Olga changed the layout and thought over the storage system. The bathroom and the toilet room were combined and a niche for a shower cabin was made. A large wardrobe appeared in the bedroom. The hostess wanted her apartment to remind of summer. Details and souvenirs were brought from travels or presented by friends.

6-Beautiful round table in the interior of the room

Doors and wardrobes were designed by Olga’s father. A picture was presented by the hostess’ friend.  The night lamp with a transforming duck is a present from Olya’s friend.

8-bathroom in blue colors

The tile in the bathroom is like a water surface in a swimming-pool. The hostess thinks it gives an energy boost in the morning.

1-Zebra in the interior

Olga stack a zebra on the wall together with her friend. It was not so simple and took about an hour. A white garland was brought from Thailand.

2-orange sofa in interior

Olya didn’t like curtains. So, blinds were set in all rooms. They protect from hot summer sun. A yellow bedcover was brought from Cambodia. All furniture in the living-room is from IKEA. One more picture was presented to Olga. It blended in with the interior.

3-Modern kitchen in the interior of the apartment

The kitchen set material imitates bamboo tree. It was ordered from Belarus.

4-beautiful original rack

Pillows were brought from Cambodia, a red plaid and a decoration on the wall are from Tanzania. Olga marks cities and countries she visited on the map presented by friends.

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