Easter Decorating Ideas

April 7, 2015
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6-original frame for interior

Easter – it’s neat and bright holiday that everyone linked with springtime. The main Easter decor is beautiful branches with flowers and painted eggs. For interior decoration for Easter, you can employ the most brilliant color. For decoration good fit bright colors: blue, orange, pink, yellow, and other colors.

5-beautiful candles in shell

The interior of the room, you can create a central place, which can be decorated with flowers, decorations, colorful eggs, candlesticks. Eggs cannot just paint in a certain color, but use stickers, sequins, beads, napkins for decoupage.

5-Vases and candlesticks with eggs

Eggs can be painted using both simple products: husks from onions, beetroot juice, carrot. For decoration you can use knitted, stitched eggs, wool, felt, beads, and other fabrics. Eggs can also be made from simple threads, using glue.

4-Original wreaths for Easter

Beautiful decoration for the interior can be cookies, candy in the form of eggs. Cookies can bake your own, and decorate paints. The shops sold for decorating, wooden, plastic blanks, which can decorate any style.

3-Beautiful branches with eggs

For decoration you can use paper mache eggs. You can decorate the interior with the help of beautiful laziness, balls, sprigs of flowers, tulips in vases. You can also use the beautiful dishes in pastel and bright colors. For the interior, you can use beautiful egg cups. On paper, you can create beautiful and original garlands with inscriptions that you can decorate the room, or the front door.

2-Easter cookies in the interior
1-beautiful decorating eggs

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