Plants In Bathroom Design Ideas

April 6, 2015
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7-Plants in hanging pots

Potted plants in the interior play a very important role. Beautiful and live plants are not only aesthetic, but also benefit. With the help of live plants may create a soft and sleek interior. Big fan of plants like the idea of bathroom design with live plants. The bathroom should place the plants that are resistant to moisture. Plants for interior bathroom should be selected based on the size of the bathroom. Potted plants should not occupy space.

6-Garden in the interior green

Live plants should be placed in a location where the bathroom most daylight or artificial light. There are plants that do not require a plurality of light and can grow well.

5-decoration plants mirrors

In the interior of the bathroom look good plants: ferns, bamboo, aloe, and a variety of succulents. The interior of the bathroom can be used as a large number of plants and 1-2 plants that can be placed near a bath, on a shelf or near the sink.

4-Beautiful plants with palm trees

The most popular method of planting live plants on the wall. Suitable for the decoration of the walls of plants that crawl up the wall. Also can be used for walls moss, which can be placed on the walls of the interior of a bathroom.

3-original interior shelves with flowers

Of living plants, you can create an entire song, which will be advantageous to look in the interior of the bathroom. For bathroom interior fit and Aloe, which exists in a variety of colors, lengths, and shapes, colors. The bathroom even one living plant will create a special cozy and warm atmosphere.

1-beautiful plants in the interior

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