4 Original racks and shelves in the interior

April 3, 2015
Posted in Furniture

1-The original pedestal on legs

The most original and unusual chest of drawers, which was created by designer Sebastian Neeb. This regiment is framed in the form of an accordion. Shelf framed wood and door decorated fabric and have a large number of pleats.

3-A bedside table in the form of a chick

Original design sideboard would look good in any room, especially in offices or on the fun kitchen. The buffet built-in appliances: microwave oven, a machine for water. In closed shelves can store utensils, food. These cupboards are called Lo-Lo. All buffets are original design in the form of birds.

4-Extra-shelf interior

Original and unusual decorated shelf of marble, furniture can be the charge of any wall, and has no legs. Marble furniture was created by designer Thomas Sandell. Marble creates a table, shelf, bookcase.

5-Beautiful shelf with the bench

Beautiful and original shelf was created in the form of a chair. This chair was created by designer Seung-Yong Song’s. This chair is very functional and easy to use. The chair can be used as a shelf, ladder, which is very practical and convenient for any interior. This comfortable chair saves space and complements any interior. Chairs can be used by aligning them together.

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