5 Unique Lighting In Decor

April 2, 2015
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1-Beautiful white lamp with a round bulb

Beautiful and unusual lamp that creates a London company Vit. Beautiful lamp created in the form of a beautiful world. Glass bowl looks very nice and original. Lamp white will look good in any interior. The lamp can be used in two ways, it can be hung or used as a desk lamp.

3-lamp in the form of hot water bottles

Unique and original candlesticks made in the form of the original candlestick. The lamp is formed as a burner can be located in any of the rooms, which is very practical and comfortable. This lamp is very convenient to use in the evening, and move it to another room.

6-Beautiful black hat as a lamp

The most original lamp in the form of a hat, will look good in a classic, vintage style. Hat can be rotated in any direction, which is very convenient.

7-Original lamp in the interior of the room

Unusual and original lamp in the form of bulbs. Beautiful lamp is well suited for the style of minimalism. This beautiful lamp was created by Buster + Punch. LED lamp is decorated in style, in a variety of monochrome shades.

8-Lamps in the form of cups

Original lamp white, was created as a white cup. The lamp is made of porcelain, it looks very modestly and succinctly, lights inside creates the effect of a burning candle.

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