Surfboard Design Ideas

April 1, 2015
Posted in Decor

5-Serfboard in the interior of the room

Surfboard – this is a neat item for any interior, and for those who love sports, and marine motifs that are reminiscent of holidays and vacation by the sea. This piece of furniture, interior brings a positive attitude.

4-Serfboard square bathroom

The interior can be used as a new surfboard and old. The surfboard can decorate every corner of the house where it will be appropriate. This subject is extremely relevant for those who love the sea, the ocean, traveling.

3-Serfboard as a lamp in the interior

Surfboard can be utilized not simply as an auxiliary for the interior, but also be used as a composition of furniture from the old surfboard, you can create a coffee table, bench, the bar, shelves for records. The most original art object of furniture is a regiment of surfboard, it can be located in the chamber, in the kitchen, in the toilet. To create shelves need only a comfortable mount.

2-Serfboard as furniture in the interior

Surfboard can often be used in the interior of cafes and bars. Surfboard can be utilized as a chalk board, on which you can write recipes, commentaries, poems.

1-Serfboard in the interior

Surfboards may look good in the bathroom, or outdoors in an open shower that looks very stylish and beautiful. Surfboard can be utilized as a clothes hanger, or storage of towels. The board can be used for notes, photos and other items and accessories. It’s best surfboard will look at the interior of the house, which is located on the beach, or in the house, where the dream of a cottage by the sea.

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