Modern Lamp For Lighting

April 1, 2015
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77-beautiful lamp with unusual design

This lamp is handmade called Origami. It was created by designers balance borderless architecture. The lamp has an original shape, and the lamp is reminiscent of origami object. This lamp decorate any room, lavatory. It is available in any color. Basically you have two color schemes, or a solid color.

6-Beautiful knitwear in the interior

Beautiful knitted lamp called Luna Lana created their company Stephanie Ng Design, Beautiful lamp decorated by using knitted weave of colorful wool. Such lamps look very warm and cozy.

6-Long lamp in the interior

Original lamp in the form of a long tube. Long lamp created by designer from Canada. The lamp was created in the form of a tube and looks very original. The lamp is easy to change and can be transferred to any place which is very convenient and practical.

5-Lamps in the concrete shell

Original small lamp decorated in urban style, and looks very original. The lamp is framed in a gold mesh. The lamp is decorated in a beautiful stone. This lamp will look good in a minimalist style.

3-Original lamps in interior

Beautiful and original lamp was created by QisDesign. Lamps are made in a marine style, and look very mysterious and delicious. Beautiful lights scatter the light in diverse colors.

1-Beautiful lantern on a rope

Very original lamp that looks like a garland lamp on a rope is very convenient and practical, as it can take. Such a lamp can easily be moved to another room, and can be mounted on any area that can be illuminated.

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