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March 30, 2015
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5-beautiful paintings on the wall

Beautiful and spacious sleeping room – it’s everyone’s dream. Bedroom interior should bring joy, relaxation. The modern pace of life, it is necessary is under constant stress, and in the evening should relax. When you construct a bedroom, consider the size of the room. Too small room sleeps overloads the large amount of furniture, and should take into account functional furniture. The spacious room, you can take a massive furniture, which will be combined with furniture.

4-beautiful bedroom with the original bed

The gentlest path to increase the parameters of the room – use large mirrors. Mirrors are best placed near the bed, bedside or above the bed. Mirrors well increase the parameters of the room, expand the space and scatter light rays daily.

4-Good lighting in the interior of the apartment

The bed should be positioned parallel to the rampart, so that the sun’s rays do not strike at once on the fount. The bedroom is best to attain out in vivid colors to establish it more leisurely in the morning to wake up and feel comfortable, and gentle. Dark shades for the bedroom suitable for those who wish to sleep late and loves dark shades.

3-construction options in the bedroom

Popular materials that are utilized in the design of bedrooms: wood, brick, old wooden frames, doors, metal, art objects of wood, laminate, parquet. Such materials will be relevant for a modern and spacious sleeping accommodations.

2-Vintage bedrooms with large windows in the interior

Most popular in the design of the bedroom – the use of soft objects that give the interior air and bright look. The bright bedroom textiles can be used with a beautiful design in the shape of flowers, birdies, or geometric patterns. Draperies should be selected in pastel shades with beautiful designs. Profitable and will look bright carpet of flowers, or a satisfying color.

1-beautiful bedroom in black

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